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A couple months ago I read "What the world’s best cities will look like in 2030", an article about how cities can prepare for and attract aging populations, and shared it on Facebook  with the question, “What can we do to become more age friendly and keep our seniors here?”

Lawrence is the record holder for the most Ironman races completed in a year (30) but even so, I was pretty sure he was going to quite possibly kill himself attempting to complete his quest.

The argument against one-way streets is multifaceted, encompassing safety,

navigability, economics and livability. One-way streets serve to move cars as quickly as possible from one section of a city to another. This can be great for commuters, but it does little for residents and workers of downtown and fails to enhance the vitality of street life.

All too often our food options are almost exclusively sourced from Outside. Finding food grown or produced locally can be tough. Alaska Artisanal is making it easier for both residents and visitors to get a taste of it. 

What do a Paralympic Gold Medalist, a professor and a former Special Forces soldier have in common? They all came to Alaska this summer to challenge themselves in the longest handcycle race in the world — the Alaska Challenge.