The Boardroom is a beautiful coworking space in downtown Anchorage.


Come work with us. 

Use tBR Today 

$20 day pass

First time? Just passing through? "Use tBR Today" functions exactly like a day pass. Purchase one for today and add additonal "punches" at checkout for a discount. 

At tBR, we know what it takes to get a business off the ground. That’s why we built a world-class Coworking Space, where you can focus on your next big project. From coffee machines to high-speed internet - we’ve thought about everything you might need. Learn more about our amenities and give us a call if you have any questions.


For All Your Needs

Entrepreneurship and innovation are in the air at tBR. Our Meeting Rooms are the perfect place to inspire you, your team, and your clients. Member or not, using our meeting rooms includes a full range of benefits and facility amenities. Members book meeting rooms at a discounted rate. 


Unlimited Access

Fast, reliable and secure. Our Coworking Space provides unlimited access to all members so you can remain uninterrupted and productive. Members enjoy wifi speeds of 100+Mbps down and 40+Mbps upload speeds. 


Focused & Modern

At tBR, our custom workspace options have been designed to fit all workstyles. This is a great option for freelancers and startups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. Focused workstations and separate, collaborative areas make tBR the perfect space for you and your venture.

24/7  ACCESS

Power to Choose

3x3, Flex, Dedicated Desk, and Private Office members enjoy the perk of 24/7 access to tBR. A remote key included with your membership provides a sense of ownership and the ability to work on your projects when and where you want, even at 3 am. 

We are proud to say that tBR is home to many of the people and businesses working to promote and grow the entrepreneurial culture in Alaska. There are numerous benifits to getting involved with this community of movers, makers and risk takers.

Genuine Network

Maintaining a professional network takes conscious effort and real work. At tBR we make it a whole lot easier. With weekly happy hours & pitch events, an internal member directory & messaging app, homegrown TED style talks, plus discounts for local events, you'll not find a network as legitimate as this. 



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